Our services

Why working with us

  • We have been in the field of mailing since 1993 and are experienced in orders as small as 300 pieces as well as massive ones of up to 3.5 million pieces
  • We are located in Prague with excellent accessibility and storage
  • We offer discounts on postage on a basis of a mass annual bonus
  • We work with our own staff, in our own facilities and with our own technology
  • We are flexible and always have an individual approach to our clients
  • We are certified in quality management, environmental management and data protection

Our company can take care of all orders that are delivered in envelopes, plastic film, cardboard or just letters. Clients can monitor all the course of the processing of their orders through the interface in our website.

Full direct mailing services

We offer full, tailor made direct mailing services. From the graphic design, printing and delivering to analysis of the feedback, including e-mails, return post and storage of materials.


Mass distribution and delivery of parcels using OMR and barcode controls for safe and mistake-free packing and check out controls.

Digital printing

Full colour digital printing in A3+ format on different kinds of materials, including customisation for the price of offset printing, as well as book binding, processing and finishing works.

Packaging, plastic film and assembly

Orders can be packed in classic plastic films in different colours, strengths and sizes, with shrinking, adding supplements and promotional materials.

Graphics and DTP studio

Based on the material you send us (a draft is enough) we will develop the graphic design for documents, leaflets, brochures, stickers, etc. and we will also carry out a proof reading and will take care of the printing.

Pre-press and printing

We prepare your materials for printing and will find the most convenient printing alternative, digital or offset. In case of personalised documents, we can print either on pre-printed material or match the text directly from a database.

Data processing and sale of databases

We select the addresses for mailing campaigns from a database of all businesses – legal or natural persons incorporated in the business registry or holders of trade licences – based on specific criteria. The selected addresses are then processed for mailing campaigns.

Document personalisation

We personalise individual documents even in unusual formats, black and white and full colour. We change the data according to the customer's need including several addressed documents in one print.


We offer storage in our own facilities, loaded on pallets, with the possibility of controlling stocks through a PC

Cultural and social events – Vrtba Garden

The Vrtba Garden, an original architectural gem, is accessible through the street Karmelitská in Malá Strana, Prague.