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Quotes from clients

General Electric Capital – Multiservis is a corporation engaged in the financing of consumer purchases on the Czech market. We have been in partnership with Casus Direct Mail a.s. since 1993. In 1997, after the American Group General Electric became the new owner of the company, a new tender was held to chose a supplier of mailing services, where once again Casus Direct Mail a.s. was the winner.

Michal Srb, Mail manager

We select the addresses for mailing campaigns from a database of all businesses – legal or natural persons incorporated in the business registry or holders of trade licences – based on specific criteria. We can generate databases according to you specific requirements, i.e, “tailor made”.

We also offer non-addressed bulk mailing and geomailing based on selected areas of the country and previously established number of inhabitants.

If the customer supplies the database, we convert the data to a print format for mass correspondence. We also sort incomplete addresses, which can be either corrected by us (in case, for example of postal codes) or by the customer themselves. We can also add salutations in five forms and select the typeface in which documents will be printed.

After distribution we monitor the returned letters and prepare a the respective database for the client, which includes the reason why the letter was not delivered in both electronic and printed form. If requested, letters can be destroyed with a secure shredder.

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