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Quotes from clients

When it is necessary to assure operational and flawless distribution of questioner's tasks (including printing), during the selection process for a mailing agency we preferred reliability and speed of delivery of the materials, precision in the processing and, last but not least, a very reasonable price compared to the competition.

Jan Hartl, jednatel a ředitel

Digital printing is specially suitable for catalogues, corporate stationary, personal business calendars, invitations, forms, business cards, CD and DVD cases and also as a tool for full colour printing of personalised documents in A3+ format.

A high capacity printer provides a speed of 70 colour pages per minute (even when printing both sides or with high impact load).

The printing quality is of a 2400 x 2400 dpi resolution and can be finished with hole punching, stapling, collation and production of brochures. Once the printing material is delivered the costs will not change in relation to the number of pieces to be printed, and that is why digital printing is more suitable for smaller volumes (around 1000 units) than offset printing.

With our technology we can scan 50 colour pages in A4 format a minute – convenient for archiving for instance, payment notices.

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