Date: 10.10.1999
Author: Jan Hartl, jednatel a ředitel
When it is necessary to assure operational and flawless distribution of questioner's tasks (including printing), during the selection process for a mailing agency we preferred reliability and speed of delivery of the materials, precision in the processing and, last but not least, a very reasonable price compared to the competition.

Casus Direct Mail was the company that best met these requirements and that is why, for the last five years, they have been taking care of the distribution of our materials, be them for electoral surveys or for market research related to the analysis of the consumer market.

During the implementations of mailing campaigns Casus showed a sufficient degree of flexibility when dealing with the operational changes and requirements of our agency thanks to the professional approach of each of the members of their staff.

In Prague, 10-10-1999

On behalf of the Centre for Empirical Research

PhDr. Jiří Šandera Jan Hartl
Executive Director Director

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