Liberální institut

Date: 8.11.2002
Author: Ing. Miroslav Ševčík, ředitel
Casus Direct Mail takes care of all the distribution of materials, brochures and invitations to events of the Liberal Institute. The partnership with this company has been especially beneficial for us thanks to the complexity of the services provided.

Their way of handling every event fits us perfectly. All we need to do is send them the documents on a floppy disk or by email and the entire process is taken care by Casus, from the graphic design, through the DTP, printing and distribution.

Given the nature of non profit organisations, an important factor for the selection of Casus was the price of their services, which in our experience are slightly lower than the market average.

Based on our experience of more than three years of partnership with Casus, we are sure that, when planning events organised by the Liberal Institute, the timeliness and reliability of the services provided by this mailing agency are most dependable.

In Prague 8-11-2002

On behalf of the Liberal Institute

Ing. Miroslav Ševčík Ing. Jiří Schwarz,CSc.
Director President

Contact - 224912199