General Electric Capital

Date: 1.6.2003
Author: Michal Srb, Mail manager
General Electric Capital – Multiservis is a corporation engaged in the financing of consumer purchases on the Czech market. We have been in partnership with Casus Direct Mail a.s. since 1993. In 1997, after the American Group General Electric became the new owner of the company, a new tender was held to chose a supplier of mailing services, where once again Casus Direct Mail a.s. was the winner.

Casus provides a wide range of services for the needs of Multiservis, which include:

  • production of distribution materials, brochures, documents, envelopes, including graphic design, storage and distribution
  • distribution and printing of personalised documents, and payment notices to addresses transmitted by email or floppy disk
  • production of OK cards for discounted shopping
  • provision of reports and storage of returned items, transfer of documents and other information about the delivered correspondence according to the needs of the customer

and others

In view of our large volumes, which place a great demand on the capacity and possibilities of a distribution company, Multiservis chose Casus, who is from the technical and storage point of view sufficiently equipped. This guarantees that other contracts that Casus has will not affect the quality and deadlines of the services provided for Multiservis.

We are satisfied with the quality and level of the services of Casus, and we can recommend them to anyone.

In Prague, 1-6-2003

On behalf of GE Capital Multiservis

Michal Srb
Mail manager

Contact - 224445273